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Sportsbook software localization

We at feel that localizing a software for the web is far more complex than copy-pasting some translations and changing some images. Each culture and country have their own history and their own specifics and in order to truly connect with your audience a web based application must speak its users’ language.

There are countries where more than one languages are spoken and the degree of separation between geographic areas is so big that sometimes people from the south just don’t really understand people from up north. There are languages that are written with special characters that take years to learn and other languages that are written from right to left or bottom to top. In order for a website to offer support to these customers, extensive efforts must be invested into localization, and sometimes the lowest technological layers such as database system, programming language, servers just don’t provide support for all this.


What we customize

  1. Character set – our software platform is unique from the fact that it’s been developed from ground up with true UTF8 support, something that everyone else only hacks around hoping to achieve. This is vital for Asian and Russian support as well as support for several other significant markets.
  2. Currencies and exchange rates;
  3. Date and time formats;
  4. Writing style – LTR or RTL as seen in languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian;
  5. Number character sets and formats for transactions and market prices;
  6. Market price formats – we support Indonesian, Malay, American, decimal, fractional, Italian, percentage, Hong-Kong formats;
  7. We personalize slideshows and banners for each language and locale;
  8. Image sizes for fast access from countries and areas with low speed internet connections;
  9. Alternative web application endpoints for secure, private and uninterrupted access from within territories that promote internet censorship;
  10. For Enterprise plans, all customer support localized as per market audience requirements.