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Sportsbook market data

Along with our complete sportsbook software solution we provide the world’s richest selection of betting markets and bet types. We offer about 40,000 bet types for various types of markets including event markets, player markets, goal/point markets, exotic markets and so on.

Our data feeds update market data in real time, minute by minute, every hour of the day, in order to provide your customers with the most accurate selection of bets.

We cover 45 sports including Soccer, Horse and Dog races, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, college basketball and football, Motor racing, and a ridiculously large selection of exotic bets such as Royalty, rare sports, TV specials, politics, financial markets.

At any time of the day your clients have access to about 400,000 different bets regardless of their favorite sport, team, language or location. Data is categorized into our premium infrastructure and served at blazing fast speeds from edge locations spread in 28 countries.

In addition to this extreme selection of market offering we use redundant data feed providers for integrated risk management and market monitoring programs that enable you to visualize your current offers in relation to market movement and adjust your pricing as required.

We provide access to a rule-based system that allows customizing automated market data with just a few clicks of the mouse, and also adding new markets (if that might be required) through a simple and fast point-and-click process.


All our market data comes at default 0.1% margins which you can manage through our sportsbook software control panel. Using our unique, proprietary tools you can define rules to drop or increase prices within specific markets or for specific outcomes or selections with minimal effort. Different sets of rules can be applied for each sport, competition, event, type of bet, type of account, user, time of the day.

But we would prefer taking care of these aspects for you so you can focus on marketing and business development. Simply send us your requirements and your dedicated account manager will implement within the hour.