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The most complete platform

We provide a complete sportsbook solution that includes data feeds, hosting, UI design and branding, payment processing. You will not have to hire any developers or designers or pay invest significant amounts of money into data feeds and infrastructure.

Best pricing

We charge the lowest set-up fee in the industry as an one-time initial investment. Our sportsbook software pays itself back within 3 months.

The highest revenue share

There are no hidden fees and costs, we charge the lowest start-up costs in the industry. There are no other hidden fees or costs.

No staff requirements

With our sportsbook software, you do not need to hire any web designers, developers, content managers, market managers, accountants, customer support representatives or any other staff of any kind. We take care of running the website so you can focus on marketing.


If you are looking for more, our sportsbook software is compatible with any payment gateway, casino software, live dealer casino, poker network, game platform, CRM or reporting software out there. 


And we’ve saved the best for last… what really makes us powerful is the technology behind our software and platform. While others still waste 10 times more time to write PL/SQL and Java mastodons, we use the latest languages and tools such as Node, Rails and Python to do with one single developer within a day of work more than the traditional competitor can accomplish within a week with a dedicated team. We use an award-winning hosting infrastructure that scales itself up and down based on demand and we save the most of your money for better use. 

This enables us to operate with the lowest revenue shares on the market and the shortest turnaround on new product and feature implementation. What others do in months or years, we accomplish in weeks often at many times less the cost.