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Sportsbook market feeds

Our company offers a collection of data feeds containing fixtures and odds from a variety of bookmakers worldwide. At this time the offer includes 32 bookmakers with worldwide coverage on all Soccer leagues, the US sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey), horse and dog racing as well as a variety of other sports. We provide about 40,000 different markets including Match odds, Asian handicaps, scores, totals, spreads/margins as well as many other team, player, goal and score markets.

The market data is available via an easy to integrate XML feed and API or via an ultra-compact high speed JSON API. Furthermore, our JSON API supports cross-domain requests, therefore our market data can be accessed directly from end-users’ browsers via simple AJAX calls already available with major Javascript frameworks such as Jquery, Prototype, Sencha.

We charge a simple monthly fee for any data access regardless of type of API, number of API calls, data transfer, number of sports/leagues/markets accessed or available bookmakers. All prices are expressed in EUR and are exempt from VAT and sales tax. Note that we may enforce limits on API calls per day or month to prevent our data from being leaked.


Subscription Cost
Monthly EUR 1800
Quarterly EUR 5100
Semi-annually EUR 9600
Annually EUR 18000


At this time our service does not include results, statistics, H2H information. All data is to be considered pre-game.

Example data

Our data is organizedĀ in 3 groups of objects:

  1. Markets – contain the sport, league, event name, start date and time, bet type and status;
  2. Selections – contain the name of the selection;
  3. Offers – contain foreign keys to market, selection, bookmaker, time stamp, current price and last known price.

You can query our API for either objects and include as many filters as required.

Example data can be found using these links: Markets | Selections | Offers

Below are three visual representations of MySQL database tables we would recommend for data storage:






Performance stats

Since each table contains several million records, we feel we should mention that a typical setup should include a decent database server with an intermediary Memcache cluster. On a simple test we were able to run about 50 complex queries per second (grouped joins across all 3 tables).

The box in the example below is a dual core Xeon running at 2300 Mhz with 8 Gb of Ram, with MySQL 5.1 and InnoDb as storage engines. Indexes were created on all keys. In our setup we have used a cluster of 4 Memcache servers with 2Gb of RAM each and cache expiration set from 1 to 5 minutes for various chunks of data, hence the spike-ish nature of the CPU usage graph. Without using Memcache the graphs are somewhat parallel and CPU usage is about 25% higher while query latency can grow by up to 40%.


CPU usage

CPU usage

Queries per second




Frequently asked questions

What data do you offer?

We offer sports, leagues, fixtures (schedules), bet types and bets (lines) including current odds.

Is the data delayed?

Due to the nature of the data, sources and the way the data is transferred and replicated there are always delays that vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, regardless of market, provider, transfer method. Even if some providers advertise real-time or streaming data, there are no real-time transmissions nor a way to get this data with zero delays, there are always some delays and communication protocol latency. See below the data sources and all steps taken before data reaches you.

  1. Events are played all over the world
  2. Each event is viewed by a number of scouts that enter scores, plays, team information and so on
  3. Scouting agency collects data from scouts with a few seconds delay
  4. Scouting agencies send data to providers, where data is categorized, grouped and broadcasted to data providers, this takes seconds to minutes
  5. Books purchase data from providers, data is downloaded and updated with a few seconds delay
  6. Books make data available on their websites with more delays
  7. It then takes us seconds to several minutes to download data from books
  8. We process, group and categorize data, a process that can take 1-30 seconds
  9. API clients download data from our database on an as-needed basis (further variable delays)

Do you offer live data as well?

At this time we do not offer live data, however it is planned so please check back soon.

Do you offer play by play updates?


Do you offer league tables?


Can this data be used to effectively run a book?


Can this data be used for risk management, arbitrage, matched betting or odds comparison?


Can we re-sell your data to 3rd parties?

Not under any circumstances.